The Back Pain Clinic

Be Pain free, regain your full mobility and get back to doing the things you love to do!


If you want fast effective results that last, then you’re in the right place.


“I swear by this man. Since I started going to him after a few sessions I feel a lot healthier, Less Stressed, and no problems with my back, which I suffered with for years. TRY him once and you wont be sorry. Best move i’ve ever made.”
  Put back pain behind you with "The Back Pain Clinic Galway"
Put back pain behind you with “The Back Pain Clinic Galway”


The Back Pain approach with Kinesiology

1- Muscle Function

All major muscles of the body are tested for functionality
All major muscles of the body are tested for functionality

Kinesiology involves gentle testing of all the major muscles of the body to seek out any malfunctions (i.e weaknesses.)

Most people associate pain with muscle tension which in some cases may be true to some extent.  Kinesiology however, recognises that tension arises due to weak or under-functioning muscles.  It is the weak muscles that are focused on and rehabilitated back to full strength, as this gives rise to more stability in the area and in most cases it allows the tension to be released.  (Tension/pain usually arises due to the fact that other muscles are working excessively hard to compensate for the weak muscles).

Once weak muscles are located through the testing, various treatment procedures are used to rectify the problem:

  • Reflex point massage to supply the muscle with more blood and lymph fluid
  • Acupuncture points (without needles)
  • Diet advice (certain foods and nutritional deficiencies cause specific muscle weaknesses
  • Stress clearing (stress/emotions can also weaken certain muscles)
  • Toxin elimination (Toxic build up in the body can cause muscle weakness)

You will notice a clear change in muscle function within minutes of the rehabilitation procedures.  A muscle that was moments ago “weak” will now test strong and you should then start to notice a significant decrease in your tension/pain.


2- Structural Realignment

The second aspect of a treatment includes a check and gentle realignment of your bone structure.  For full rehabilitation, the muscles need to be working optimally (as explained above) and the skeletal structure must be in its correct place/alignment.


The Back Pain Clinic Galway will check and align where necessary:

The Cranium (bones of the skull)

skullThe TMJ (Jaw bone)


The Vertebrae  (Spine)


The Pelvis



    If any are found to be misaligned, a very gentle and safe method is used to ensure that they are returned to their optimal positioning.  Again, relief from pain/tension is often experienced after the initial treatment.



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The Back Pain Clinic is run by Des Richmond.  Des was a long term sufferer  of back pain for many years.  At a time when his pain and lack of mobility was at its worst, he sought out any and every way possible to get help.  This journey was a long one but it is what led him eventually to Kinesiology.

If you would like to find out if The Back Pain Clinic Galway is right for you, come in and try a session. 

Or if you are unsure and need to ask some questions,  please contact Des on 085 759 3622 or email him at:  


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