Beat Stress, Feel Your Best & Make Progress In Your Life

Galway workshop

Take charge of your mood and your life

Ardilaun Hotel, Tue 20th June

7pm – 9.30pm


 Are you feeling unfulfilled, bored, stuck in some (or even all) areas of your life?
Perhaps you lack belief or confidence in yourself?
Or maybe fear/stress/uncomfortable thoughts and emotions have a grip on you, preventing you from the fulfilment and success you really crave in you life?
Are you really ready to say “enough is enough” and open up to a new way to create new and more fulfilling results?

Discover how to:

  • Release stress/negative emotions, fast and permanently,

  • Removed any Limiting beliefs/Blocks to moving forward in life

  • Cultivate awareness to choose better feeling and more supportive thoughts

  • Uncover your key to success in your chosen area

  • Create good feelings instantly, regardless of current circumstances

  • Make Mindfulness and Positive thinking an all day effortless practice.


I’m Des Richmond, and I have been involved in personal development for the past 13 years.  I currently run a busy clinic in Galway city centre, having already helped hundreds of people overcome their debilitating negative thinking and stress/ negative emotional patterns, and helped them to create positive and meaningful change in their lives.

My approach is a combination of :    

Kinesiology Stress/Emotional release techniques


Positive psychology

Law of Attraction coaching

After having overcome depression, chronic stress patterns and my own limiting beliefs, my passion is now to use what i discovered through my own journey, and share in practical, easy to implement steps, the tools, techniques and philosophies that have the most rapid impact to improve your life, in any and all ways.
If you are currently experiencing any difficulty in your life, big or small, or even if you feel like you are doing ok but want to accelerate your life, I can assure you that what you will learn and experience in this workshop are ways of operating yourself (mind + emotions) that will positively impact your life in any area. You will learn to tame your mind and tap into joy and inspiration.


Do you want to:

  • Improve your quality of thinking,

  • Enhance your mood

  • Improve your quality of life,

  • Start making progress in your life, right now!

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If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me on:

085 759 3622

I sincerely look forward to seeing you at the workshop and helping you to begin your new and improved life!




“I was referred and treated to my first session with Des by a very good friend.  My life was complicated by work and study related stress.  I was not sleeping and was feeling neck and shoulder stiffness plus internally I was constantly under pressure regarding my studies. By the third treatment, I was sleeping better, had less study stress and I was internally calmer. Des was most intuitive and showed a genuine and kind compassion to improve and treat me holistically.  I recommend a kinesiology treatment wit Des to all as with life’s internal and external “stressors” we all need a little (or a lot) of “re-balancing”… Thank you again”  

Michelle M – Galway 

“Des is a very perceptive and considerate therapist. The first difference in myself that I noticed was a lightened mood and more energy. After several sessions I definitely feel happier”

Linda Ann – Galway 

“Through Kinesiology treatments with Des, I was able to release emotions from loosing relatives from 30 years ago which has given me back my confidence big time. I also couldn’t walk fast at all and used to feel very tired very quickly and  my stamina was very poor.  My energy levels are now way better and my back pain is gone! “

Anne Marie – Galway



Full fee €30 –

*****     Early bird fee = €15    *****

(Only available until Mon 12th June)

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