Meridian Energy Un-blocking

What are Meridians?

Meridians are channels that run throughout your entire body through which energy flows. They are the energy lines that acupuncturists are working on when they insert needles into specific points around your body. And I know some of you reading the will shiver at the thought of a needle, but the good news is that Kinesiologists don’t use needles!  Below is a diagram of all the Meridian energy channels, where they are located, and what they refer to within the body:


Why are Meridians so important?

There are many Meridians throughout your body.  Each one links up to another, forming a circuit of energy that is meant to constantly flow.  Each Meridian has specific functions and have a direct influence on the functioning of the organs and glands. If any of the Meridians become stagnant or blocked, it has a negative impact on the functioning of your body and therefore your state of health.

What can I do to ensure a steady flow of energy through the meridians of my body?

Within a Kinesiology session.  Your energy flow can be checked with simple muscle testing techniques, and if the energy flow is found to be blocked, then your practitioner will use one or many rectifying techniques to ensure the energy is returned to optimal flow again.  Many people have noticeable health benefits when the energy flow in the body is returned to normal.


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