What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology may be understood as a system of holistic/natural healthcare which combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function, applying a range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, well-being and vitality.

Using the way a muscle responds as a yardstick, the function of the lymphatic system, vascular system, digestive system and other physiological functions can be assessed.  Muscle testing reveals energetic, structural, and bio-chemical imbalances, which are then rectified with different techniques such as light massage of specific reflex points, meridian tracing, de-stressing techniques, nutritional & supplement advice to name but a few.

Kinesiology is a therapy which uses gentle muscle testing to obtain bio feedback from your body intelligence to decipher what factors are involved in your health problem.  Your health is comprised of many different areas, namely:

Spiritual (Thoughts/Beliefs/Emotions/Spirituality)

Chemical (Food/Nutrition/Hormonal balance/Brain  chemical balance/Toxins etc.)

Structural (Spine & bone alignment/Posture/Muscle  tension & dysfunction)

Energetic (Aura/Chakras/Acupuncture meridians)

Through a series of kinesiology treatments, your  practitioner will investigate and treat any or all of the  above areas.  The beauty of kinesiology lies in the ability to  communicate with the immense  wisdom of your body intelligence through the muscle testing technique.  In a treatment, your  kinesiologist will identify through muscle  testing, the primary area that requires attention, and through  the testing, your body wisdom will only  permit treatment in the order/area that is of most significance at any given time.  Thus you are not only being treated in a non-invasive way but also in harmony with your bodies innate healing wisdom.

What to expect from a session

Systematic Kinesiology works in a verynon-intrusive manner. You remain fully Kin action shotclothed throughout the whole session (with exception of your shoes), lying comfortably on a massage table. The practitioner will put your arms and legs in different positions and test by applying light pressure to them. It is not a competition of strength, so you do not need to be strong or fit for this. Once an assessment is complete, any imbalances found will be attended to using different gentle techniques. The practitioner will also be able to give you some very helpful nutritional advice, as well as suggested exercises for you to do at home. The whole session takes approximately 1 + 1/2 hours and will leave you feeling pleasantly relaxed.

How many sessions will I need?

We are the sum total of all our experiences. If you have been under stress for a long time then it is understandable that one session isn’t going to give you the best chance of recovery. Still, we have to start somewhere and usually it is expected that a client will need between 3-6 sessions, spread over several weeks/months to see significant improvement.

14 thoughts on “What is Kinesiology?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Yes, I provide food sensitivity testing. (about 100 different foods)
      I also provide other services along with the food sensitivity testing as your symptoms may or may not be a reaction to something you are eating.
      Some symptoms can also be due to certain “imbalances” within the body and can be detested and rectified with Kinesiology.
      I am contactable on 085 759 3622 if you wish to discuss this further or if you wish to book in for a session.

      Des Richmond.

  1. Hi i live in belfast and missed your recent talks on mindfulness and manifestation..will you up north again any time…really would love to find out more as struggling with emotional issues. Warmest wishes

    1. HI Alison. I am running a one day workshop in Belfast on mindfulness and manifesting on Sunday 21st Aug. Details can be found on my web site http://www.elevate2create.weebly.com. look for “Dublin Belfast workshops” tab at top of page. I had an early bird offer which has ended but I haven’t removed the link so if you are interested in attending, I will leave the link up for you to be able to avail of the discount. Regards. Des.

  2. Hi Des,I would like to book a consultation with you to see if it would help me.I suffer from depression,underactive thyroid,post viral fatigue ,fibromyalgia,IBS .I’m on alot of medication and I’m very overweight.I would also be interested in getting food allergy testing done.I’m away for first two weeks on August.Do you thing Kinesiology could help me.I’m so exhausted all the time.Thanks.

    1. HI Anne. I would have no doubt that I could help you. I work with RE balancing all of the symptoms you mentioned. I late helped numerous previous clients presenting with your complaints. I have a few slots available this week and I am then on holidays until 2nd Aug. Here are this week’s available slots: Wed 19th at 11.30, 4.45. Thur 28th at 2.15. If you would like a treatment soon and one of those suits, let me know. Otherwise, I have more availability on 15th 16th 17th Aug. Probably better to contact my by text on 0858593622. Regards. Des.

      1. Thanks Des.My name is Caroline.Is it 20th you meant this week instead of 28th.I could make it Thursday if you have availability.

    1. HI Anne,

      Full cost of a session is €70. But for black Friday weekend, all treatments booked before Sunday are half price at €35. A treatment lasts 1hr 15mins.

      If you have any more questions, or wish to book in, I am contactable on 0857593922.

      Kind regards.


  3. Hi Des, I’m having pain in my back and from the info I’m reading about kinesiology I’m hoping u might be able to help . Wld u have an available appt on new years day or when will be ur next available appt?

    Regards Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon. I should be able to help. Next availability is Wed 2nd at 11.30am, 3, 4 and 5pm. Or Thur 3rd at 10.30am, 2, 3, 5 and 6pm. Could you reply to my mobile please on 0857593622. Thanks. Des.

  4. I would like to get an appointment for my son 10 yrs old with eczema around both eyes, behind joints and few other areas.

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