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Hi. My name is Des Richmond and I am a Kinesiology practitioner and instructor working in Galway City in the west of Ireland.  I first got involved with alternative health after suffering from a health challenge at 15.  The only treatment offered by my Doctor was pharmaceutical drugs, which helped for short periods of time but never really dealt with the core cause and my health challenge kept returnig.  It took nearly ten years of being on and off medication for me to really see that the problem was only being suppressed and so, at the ago of 23 I made a decision not to take any more medication and be open to finding another way of helping myself. What followed was probably the most difficult yet powerfully transformational period in my life to date.

Coming off the medication allowed space for a lot of old emotional content from my past to come to the surface to be dealt with. Through this emotional “cleansing” period, I became more and more sensitive to and aware of the various contributing factors that were interfering with my mental, emotional and physical health.  Through these experiences, I soon realised that good health (mental, emotional & physical) has many spokes to its wheel.  It was from this place of realising the many components of good health, that I had a strong desire to share this with others. Then I found Kinesiology!

It quickly became apparent to me that Kinesiology was one of the most all encompassing approaches to health and wellbeing and, one which was capable of having direct and immediate communication with your body to identify and address which “spokes” on your wheel of health needed attention more than others.  I now share this unique therapy with others to help them back on the road to health and wellbeing and absolutely love giving (and receiving!) treatments using this amazing healing tool.

If you live in or around the Galway area and are currently struggling with your health on any level, mental, emotional or a physical problem, and would like to experience the health enhancing benefits of Kinesiology, please call on 085 759 3622 to arrange an appointment.  I work Monday evenings, Tuesdays and Wednesdays  from The Granary Centre, Galway city centre.


16 thoughts on “About Me

      1. Hi Karl.­

        I have treated many p­eple with CFS and gen­eral energy problems
        The majority of the ­time the issue is cau­sed by over worked ad­renal glands (adrenal­ fatigue)which is eas­y to treat usine kine­siology.
        There are also so ot­her reasons for CFS (­liver detox issues, f­ood intolerances, nut­ritional deficiencies­ to name a few) which­ are all detectable u­sing kinesiology.


        Des Richmond.­

  1. Hi Des my name is Mairead. I am just wondering what your availability is for next week in Galway City please.

    1. Hi Mairead. My next available slots are:

      Tue 1st Oct at 2, 3 or 4pm.
      Thur 3rd at 11.30am, 2 or 4pm.

      Would any of those suit?
      If not, I can forward my availability for the following week.
      Can you please reply to my mobile for more efficient contact on 0857593622.

      Des Richmond.

    1. Hi Ger. Yes. I can help you with that. If you would like to call me to discuss further or to make an appointment. Please call or text me on 0857593622.
      Kind regards.
      Des Richmond.

    1. Hi Niamh.
      Next week the latest appointment I have available is 4pm on Wed 22nd.
      Otherwise I have 5 or 6pm on both Wed 29th or Thur 30th available. Would any of those suit you?
      If possible. Can you reply to my mobile number. 0857593622.

  2. Hello des
    I would live to get an appointment with you
    For my self and a friend please any day after 17th of February please

    1. Hi Eileen,

      My Sincerest apologies for such a delayed response, Im having some trouble with my web site.
      If you are still interested in you and your friend having a session, the earliest I could see you both would be next week.

      Here is a list of available slots for you to choose from:
      Tue 10th at 11am, 2, 4, 5, or 6pm.
      Wed 11th at 10am, 4, 5, 6, 7pm.

      Would any of those be suitable for you both?
      Its best to contact me via my mobile and I will respond to you on the same day. 0857593622


  3. Hi There
    my 2 year old son has had a rash from food and doctors keep saying its excema but i need to get to the root.
    I’ve taken him to kinseology in trim before and it got to the root of his digestional issues when he was 6months.
    would you be willing to see us? I am desperate as I’ve been to so many doctors and nothing is helping him anymore.
    Not sure if you are able to help?

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