Digestive Problems

Digestive problems are so prevalent in modern society, yet they are easily dismissed and left unresolved.  Big Mistake!  Although it may seem like just a bothersome symptom to some,  If left unchecked, they can escalate into more serious conditions in the future.


Here is why they occur in the first place , and what to do about it…..

Problem 1 = The food we are eating is usually non organic, which means that it contains chemicals from artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides. These substances put unnecessary strain on our liver to process them, which can cause all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms/conditions.

  • Solution 1 = Buy organic food where possible and eat fruit and veg as soon as possible after purchasing.  Have a Kinesiology treatment to support your digestive system and to identify and help to eliminate any build op of these toxic substances.

Problem 2 = We are eating highly refined foods which means a reduction in their nutritional content and any life force is squeezed out of it.

  • Solution 2 = Avoid refined carbohydrates (pasta, bread, processed breakfast cereals etc) and choose whole grain, unprocessed foods where possible.

Problem 3 = We rarely chew our food sufficiently, so, we are swallowing large chunks of food that cause havoc in the digestive system and can give rise to food “sensitivities”, again, food sensitivities have a whole list of possible symptoms related to them.

  • Solution 3 = Chew all your food thoroughly and only swallow it when it is a liquid consistency.

Problem 4 = We are under more stress now than we ever have been due to the structure and expectations of our society.  Our digestive system is directly affected by this stress.  Have you ever tried eating when very emotional? It is almost impossible, as our digestive system literally “shuts down”.  Long term digestive problems occur when we are unable to release these stresses and emotions which keep our digestive systems in an impaired state.

  • Solution 4 = Have a Kinesiology treatment.  Kinesiology checks if there is any “blockage” in any area of your digestive system and can gently and non invasively “unblock” these areas by using specific reflex point massage.  It can also identify and gently release any stresses. The result ia a relief from your symptoms allowing your health to flourish.

Problem 5 = Most of us only eat 5 or 6 different meals which we rotate through the week.  This means that we are eating the same foods, sometimes every day.  This can result in your body rejecting the commonly used food.  This “rejection” can give rise to many uncomfortable digestive disorders which usually get labelled as IBS!

  • Solution 5 = With a Kinesiology treatment we can identify the foods that you are “sensitive” to.  You can then avoid these foods and there is usually a huge improvement in digestive function and a clearing of symptoms such as- heartburn, cramps, bloating, excessive gas, constipation/diarrhoea.

6 thoughts on “Digestive Problems

  1. Hi there,

    I just wanted to confirm that you do allergy tests? Also what waiting time is there for allergy test appointments and cost?



    1. Hi Joseph,
      Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, I do test for anything that may be adversely affecting your health including all foods, house dust, pollen etc. The intention of a kinesiology treatment is not only to identify any foods, or other substances, that you may be reacting to but to also improve your overall health so that your body is better able to handle different foods etc. Appointments are usually booked 1 – 2 weeks in advance. A full treatment lasts 1 + 1/2 hrs and includes a full check + rebalancing of body systems and food/substance testing. If you would like to book an appointment or have any further questions feel free to e-mail or call me (085 272 4026).

      Kind Regards.
      Des Richmond.

  2. Hi Des
    I just want to know if you have clinics anywhere else in Galway other than he city.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Teresa,,
      Thank you for your inquiry. I run a one day clinic (Mondays) in Loughrea. I have five available appointments: 11am, 12.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm and 6pm.
      If you would like to book in for a treatment in Loughrea or if you have any further queries, I am contactable on 085 272 4026.
      My sincere apologies for this late reply.
      Kind Regards,

      Des Richmond.

  3. Hi Des, my 17 month old is suffering we think from acid reflux. From a young age he has been taking Zantac which is no longer working at the same dose so we are upping is medication now. Before when we increased his dosage it was because we could smell acid from his breath and he would be screaming in pain. Now, for past two months he has been up most nights for up to 3 hours screaming in pain, followed sometimes by vomitting, but not always. In past few nights only, he has fallen asleep on my shoulder and when i put him into his cot he is awake screaming again within 5 minutes- this is what has led me to believe its the reflux back although symptoms are different (no smell of acid from breath and vomitting which he never did before). What can you do to help?
    Thanks, I’m desperate for a nights sleep and for my poor baby’s pain… Regards,

    1. Hi Maria,
      I am really sorry to hear that your son and you are having a difficult time. From a Kinesiology perspective I would be looking at what foods he is eating and test to see if he is reacting to any. The first thing to try (if you haven’t done so already) is to take him off dairy products as it is very common for many infants to be unable to digest dairy products. If you are still giving him some bottle feeds, try goats milk product. (health food stores should stock a product for babies called “Nany goat”. There’s evergreen and healthwise stores in Galway city). Within a treatment, I would use whats called “surrogate testing” which utilises a third person to enable testing of your son to see what practical treatment I could apply to potentially ease symptoms (using light reflex point massage to support the function of the different organs which is very safe and without any side affects). Food testing can really help tailor his diet to what is and what is not suitable for his particular system (different people react to different foods, so there is no one ideal diet for all)
      If you would like to bring him in for food testing and treatment, I work in Galway on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and in Loughrea on a Thursday.

      Kind Regards

      Des Richmond

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