Stress Clearing

Kinesiology has a wide variety of approaches to deal with health issues.  It may come as a surprise to some of you but stress can be the cause of many physical ailments.

Using very simple and effective techniques, Kinesiology can clear any stresses you are aware and (even unaware of) without any kicking and screaming!

Using muscle testing, kinesiology will identify if there is a stress “online” that needs to be dealt with and also the most effective way for it to be resolved.

The beauty of Kinesiology stress clearing techniques is that you don’t even have to share with your practitioner what the issue is.  You simply need to be able to feel or “see” the stressful situation in your minds eye and this is enough for the stress to be worked on.

In my clinic, I have seen stresses cleared such as: fear of exams, fear of driving again after an accident, grief of loss of a loved one, job stress, relationship stress, money stress and much more.  Once you experience your stress dissolve in minutes (yes minutes!) you will realise that never again will you have to hold onto stress for as long as you used to!

Here is an example of a quick and effective stress clearing technique that you can do right now!

If you have been to my clinic for a treatment, you might be familiar with this simple yet powerful technique.  Its called “ESR” which means “Emotional Stress Release” Sounds good……right!!!

When I first saw this techniques being demonstrated when I was studying Kinesiology, I thought it looked to simple to be of any benefit.  Do not let its simplicity deceive you!  This clears stress…..and fast!

Whenever you get stressed, if you pay attention to what you do with your hands, you may notice that you are already temporarily applying this technique unknowingly as it is an instinctive reaction.

So here’s how to do it.  If there is something stressing you now, or something that is a recurring stress in your life that you can think about now, I want you to focus on it. Yes, you heard me…get stressed now!  The next thing you need to do is place your hand on your forehead, and keep it there while you continue to think about, and stay focused on, your ONE stress.  In a short space of time, you should notice the level of stress dissipate.  Go ahead….  give to a go, and please tell me how you get on!

Here is a short video from my colleague Siobhan showing you how to do it:


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