• Diabetes, Energy Levels, Weight Loss & Bloating

I am a 65 year old woman who has type 2 diabetes for the past 10 years. It is controlled by a non insulin medication called Glucopage. I have had difficulty keeping my blood sugar stable and my weight gain has also been a big worry since my diagnosis. I decided to try alternative therapy after reading in the papers that it was possible to reverse type 2 diabetes with change of diet and lifestyle.

I decided to try kinesiology and started to attend Des Richmond’s kinesiology clinic in May of this year. The results have been amazing. My blood sugar stabilised, my weight started to drop, my bloated tummy settled down, I slept better, I enjoyed my food more and best of all, my energy increased. I feel like a new woman and have no hesitation in recommending Des Richmond’s kinesiology treatment for whatever ails you.

Mary J. (Galway)


  • Stress & Sleep Problems

I was referred and treated to my first kinesiology treatment by a very good friend.  My life was complicated by work and study related stress.  I was not sleeping and was feeling neck and shoulder stiffness plus internally I was constantly under pressure regarding my studies.  My treatments revealed an imbalance of necessary enzymes and vitamins and “adrenal stress”.  The recommended treatment was dietary supplements plus a recommended use of a “rebounder”.  I commenced the supplements as soon as possible and by the third treatment, I was sleeping better, had less study stress and I was internally calmer.

My kinesiologist was most intuitive and showed a genuine and kind compassion to improve and treat me holistically.  I recommend a kinesiology treatment to all as with life’s internal and external “stressors” we all need a little (or a lot) of “re-balancing”…

Thank you again,

Michelle M (Galway)


  • Eczema

I have had eczema on my hands for the past year and nothing that I tried helped.  After one short treatment with Des at a health show, the eczema on my hands totally cleared and has not returned since.

Many thanks.

Deirdre, (Galway)


  • Eczema, anxiety, energy levels,weight loss, sleep problems.


I ‘m a woman in middle age who has had a long term skin complaint diagnosed as excema, and an underlying problem of anxiety and frequent low mood.  Besides this some of the symptoms associated with the beginning of menapause are beginning to emerge.Over the years, I’ve tried several different ways to solve my health problems, gaining only partial and temporary success. In the past few months, I have been attending Systematic Kinesiology sessions with Des Richmond, after listening to a talk he gave in Galway. While initially skeptical, I have found the treatment is very specific to the individual, yet broad enough in its’ holistic approach to cover what might normally be a confusing range of symptoms. This healing technique uses a gentle approach. Additionally, Des is a very perceptive and considerate therapist. The first difference in myself that I noticed was a lightened mood and more energy. After several sessions I definately feel happier, its become difficult to remain miserable and want to be active simultaneously! Furthermore, I have lost my craving to smoke and overeat, and  am now exercising regularly. I’m pleased to say my weight has lowered, and strength and fitness levels have risen. For the first time in a long while, I am calmer and sleeping better.  Also, the skin on my hands and face has improved.  Importantly, I  am  interested in starting new projects again, rather than shutting down as I had been. Although my hesitance to try Kinesiology was due to  concerns that my problems would be too difficult to deal with, I needn’t have worried, Des has a positive attitude, and helpful suggestions, contributing greatly to my healing- along with what I believe to be considerable patience!. My experience has shown me that Systematic Kinesiology is really effective in re-establishing balanced health. I would definately encourage anyone seeking help with health difficulties to contact Des Richmond.

Linda Ann,  (Galway)


  • Emotional Stress, Back ache, Energy Levels.
Through Kinesiology treatments with Des, I was able to release emotions from loosing relatives from 30 years ago which has given me back my confidence big time.  I also couldn’t walk fast at all and used to feel very tired very quickly abd my stamina was very poor.  My energy levels are noe way better and my back pain is gone!
Anne Marie (Galway)
  • Blood sugar levels, Energy levelsback ache, poor sleep, stress.
The following is a list of improvements from one client from Galway:  
“Energy levels were very bad but have now improved immensely”
“My arms and shoulders had very little strength in them and this has now completely cleared”
“was as if I had a load or block in my back and felt heavy, this had now completely cleared up”
Blood sugar levels down from 9.4 to 5.8 from diet advice and supplements
Ringing in left ear gone
Left eye cyst gone
Sinuses clearer
“Sleep was very bad before and I couldn’t relax properly, my muscles were “jumping” and I used to get up in the middle of the night. My body was totally stressed out.  My sleep has now improved immensely.”
Mary O’C (Galway)
  • Weight control, tiredness, joint pain.

I was over weight and very tired and always struggling with what I had to do. I had all sorts of tests done in hospital and nothing showing. I was mentally bothered and worrying about things and always prayed for peace of mind. I had pains in my finger and ankle joints which medics had diagnosed as arthritis.

I attended Vachn for a reiki treatment and she referred me on to Des. At first I thought this would not help but I would have tried anything. He asked me to do the low GL diet for 2 weeks which I tried to do to the best I could. He assessed my body functions and gave me supplements for different areas of need. They were a bit expensive but now I reckon they were the cheapest miracle ever. He suggested iodine and tyrosine for my thyroid. Doctors had checked my bloods for thyroid disfunction and said that my thyroid was OK. Des also checked me for food allergies of which I had a few. I have avoided these foods also.

I took the supplement and did as Des said and from then on I felt an improvement in my whole well being. I got my energy back and was no longer falling asleep at the wheel of the car. I was beginning to enjoy life again. I didnt feel bothered and worried about things anymore. I had peace of mind. Chromium seems to have stopped my cravings for chocolate etc. I have gradually lost 1 stone in weight. The pains in my joints went away.  I am not tired, not sore and losing my weight now and I have peace of mind. I am like a new 54 year old woman.

I am intrigued by the work Des does and I certainly will keep up my regular check ups with Des because I fear ever going back to the way I felt before I came to him.


Ann (Galway)


A kinesiology session with Des is like getting an entire year’s to-do-list worked through in one hour! Des is extremely good at what he does, and his ability to interpret the what the body is trying to say is outstanding. As well as that, he holds such a safe and caring space that deep emotional transformations are possible as well as physical ones.  I would highly recommend Des for his kinesiology work, and am extremely grateful to have found him. Some of the sessions that I have had with Des have been pivotal in my own healing journey.

Sarah K. Galway


Strong sudden sudden shocks/traumas can really put the body way out of sync! A recent experience where someone attempted to attack me on the way home from town one night had me feeling edgy, nervous and feeling on ‘high alert’.

Even having people walk behind me the following day had me feeling uneasy.  I rang Des and asked if he could help. He was very kind to book me in at short notice. After one session I felt far better -the kinesiology greatly helped my body to process, integrate and let go of the incident enabling me to function in my new job. Otherwise, I would have needed to take time off and see a doctor.

The kinesiology worked in tandem with my body’s own wisdom (and was not imposed upon it like the western approach to healing). Through kinesiology, Des enabled my body assimilate the core issues of the shock I had suffered, thus guiding my body to safely neutralise the experience. After the session my body tremors (from shock) stopped. Over the following three days my digestive system returned to normal and my clarity of thought returned. I’m very grateful to Des on a job well done!



1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. I have been unwell for about 8 to 9 months now. I have been to doctors, I have been over a week in hospital only to be told that there was nothing wrong with me.

    This man did more for me in the first ten minutes I was with him than any doctor in the last 9 months. I now know my issues.

    After a week, I already feel better, I am less stressed. I am in control. I am comfortable in my body, and I am getting better with each passing day. No headaches, no pains.

    Thank you Des, your a true gentleman and a very gifted person.

    Best Regards,

    Jennifer (Galway)

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