Stress Release Clinic SPECIAL OFFER

Life Can Be Tough


Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Guilt, Anger, Panic, Overwhelm, Depression, Low mood, Low Self worth, Low Self confidence. Lack of Direction. Lack of belief in your own ability to succeed in life.

Choose to change



          Have you have enough?

              Would you like to change?

                  For things to get better for you 

                      Do you want to Release your suffering? 

                          Are you ready to embrace joy and ease?

You don’t need to stay in any uncomfortable feelings and stressful thinking.  They are all changeable, when you know how.


You may be having stress in any of these areas:

Work – Relationships – Money – Health – Divorce or Separation, Death of a family member or friend – Social Anxiety – Or perhaps in another area.
Most of us are living in circumstances that we believe are causing stress and negative emotion.  It is time for us to realise that all emotion is NOT due to outer circumstances, but are merely a reflection of how we process our lives with our personal type of thinking and emotional patterns.
If you are currently experiencing some level of stress or negative emotion, this is a clear sign that it is time for you to grow, to release the negative emotions, to evolve, into a person who can feel more at ease, more confident,  someone who can take life in their stride and overcome life challenges with confidence.

(“I was referred and treated to my first kinesiology treatment by a very good friend.  My life was complicated by work and study related stress.  I was not sleeping and was feeling neck and shoulder stiffness plus internally I was constantly under pressure regarding my studies. By the third treatment, I was sleeping better, had less study stress and I was internally calmer. My kinesiologist was most intuitive and showed a genuine and kind compassion to improve and treat me holistically.  I recommend a kinesiology treatment to all as with life’s internal and external “stressors” we all need a little (or a lot) of “re-balancing”… Thank you again” )    Michelle M (Galway) 

Let me introduce myself

My name is Des Richmond, and hearing a bit of my history will help you recognise why I can help.  
At the age of 15, I was diagnosed with clinical depression.  For the next 10 years I was on and off antidepressants. They helped me for a while, until I realised that they were just masking a deeper underlying problem.  
At the age of 25, I decided to stop taking the medication and embarked on a journey to get to the root cause of my recurring depression.  What unfolded was a journey of experimenting with many different therapeutic approaches.  
I had to face many different uncomfortable emotions, anger, fear, anxiety, stress, Low self confidence, Today, I can thankfully say that I am free of depression and stress for me is now a very fleeting experience. 
Throughout my journey back to being free of depression, calm , confident and stress free, I used and learned many many different tools and techniques.  I trained in an amazingly effective therapy called “Kinesiology”. This therapy is incredible due to its ability to treat your mental and emotional challenges in a way that is unique and tailored to your specific needs.


Kin action shot
Whatever you are experiencing,  Kinesiology has the ability to release your stress and uncomfortable emotions in a matter of minutes.  You will leave your treatment feeling much calmer, at ease and more relaxed.

(“Des is a very perceptive and considerate therapist. The first difference in myself that I noticed was a lightened mood and more energy. After several sessions I definitely feel happier”)

Linda Ann,  (Galway) 

 Kinesiology is a gentle and non invasive approach to wellbeing. It works so well due to its ability to locate reflex points on your body that when gently contacted will release any stress or negative emotion that you are currently experiencing.
Kinesiology Uses:
     Accupuncture points (without using needles)
     Emotional De-stressing points (Neuro Vascular contact points)
     Locates and rebalance Emotional energy centres.
     Reprograms negative belief systems
     Imprints more positive and supportive belief systems.

(“Through Kinesiology treatments with Des, I was able to release emotions from loosing relatives from 30 years ago which has given me back my confidence big time. I also couldn’t walk fast at all and used to feel very tired very quickly and  my stamina was very poor.  My energy levels are now way better and my back pain is gone! ” )

Anne Marie Galway

I also use coaching techniques in my clinic which combines, mindfulness, Positive psychology and counselling, to equip you with the tools and skill to better handle your life circumstances.  
A typical treatment lasts 1hr and consists of very gentle work to easily release uncomfortable emotion and stressful thinking.

Even after one treatment, most people report feeling:

much calmer – more relaxed – feeling “lighter, like a weight lifted off” – Increased energy levels – More relaxed in situations that were stressful before having the treatment – Improved confidence levels and self esteem – More able to do what they were previously unable to do – Increased productivity – Improved relationships


Testimonial – Real People – Real Results

Here is a short video (2mins) from a recent client of mine after just 3 sessions…



Change is only one choice away

If you want to change, for things to get better, you haver to make a new choice to try a new approach.  And I would like to encourage you to say “enough is enough” and “now is my time”.
 To help you make that decision, I am willing to offer you a unique opportunity to experience Kinesiology and my unique style of coaching at a fraction of the cost.  



I am opening my clinic up to a few new clients and offering you a chance to come for a one to one consultation and treatment at a  
50% discount off the normal fee.
For just €40 you can begin your journey back to ease, calm and confidence.
Please Note: This offer ENDS MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY 15th May, and is limited to ONLY 10 NEW CLIENTS – (FIRST 10 BOOKINGS RECEIVED)


If you are interested in a treatment then please call (0857593622) asap to ensure you are one of the first 10. (My clinic is located in Salt Hill, Galway City, directions to the clinic will be sent to you when you make your booking).
If you would like to discuss if my approach is right for you, or if you would just like to find out more….
then please don’t hesitate to call me on (085 759 3622) and I will be happy to answer your questions.